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by mannequin man - Thu 3rd Nov 2022

Halloween event at the Essex Fire Museum, Mannequin man scaring the visitors as a spooky skeleton hanging dummy in the fire house of horrors

I spent most of the day hanging around!

I arrived at the Fire Museum at 9:00am already made-up. I'd decided to use the skeleton face make-up again but with a slight varation of usi... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 30th Oct 2022

Special Halloween event day at the Army Flying Museum. Visitors were told to try and find mannequin-man, although sometimes he found them first!

I arrived at the Army Flying Museum about 8 am and was let in to the building by one of the security guards. I made my way to the office where I was going to get changed. I had brought two cost... read more

by mannequin man - Thu 4th Aug 2022

What's a day like as a living museum mannequin at the Essex Fire Museum

The alarm goes off at 6:30 I have a quick shower and a ... read more

by mannequin man - Fri 10th Sep 2021

Famous in Sidmouth, Sid the mannequin stands outside in all weathers, with his partner Alma, collecting donations for the Sidmouth lifeboat. Over the Easter weekend, Sid became real and thanked the locals and visitors for their generous donations.

This was my third visit to The Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, my previous visit being exactly one year before.

I was hopefully going to exceed last year’s record of £480, but this wa... read more

by mannequin man - Fri 10th Sep 2021

I was contacted by Bluelight Commercial with a brief that they wanted something interesting on their stand at The Emergency Services Show at the NEC. The brief was that I was to be wearing a poli... read more

by mannequin man - Mon 27th Jan 2020

It was while I was browsing the Internet that I came across the Angling Trust’s website. One of their news articles was about the problem that anglers and fisheries were having with cormoran... read more

by mannequin man - Fri 12th Apr 2019

Mannequin man at the Army Flying Museum surprising the visitors as an helicopter pilot mannequin for the museum's reopening

Performing in a museum with aircraft has been something that I've wanted to do for some time, well actually since a child, ever since a trip to the Science Museum in London. To a young child with... read more

by mannequin man - Sat 1st Dec 2018

Fitzwilliam College Winter Ball Blue Mannequin Room

I was contacted by a member of the Fitzwilliam college ball organisation committee, they had seen my website and specifically the section where I hire out myself with real mannequins.

... read more

by mannequin man - Wed 24th Oct 2018

History of my living mannequin make-up effects

When I first started as a living mannequin, I used to use a water based make-up (Aquacolor from Kryolan); this was great to use and easy to apply with a damp sponge. The only issue I found was th... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 7th Jan 2018

In 2005, during the International Fire Expo at the NEC, members of the UKFS SAR Team (UK Fire Service Search and Rescue Team) demonstrated various  rescue scenarios. One of these scenarios was t... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 10th Dec 2017

Living mannequins hired for Screwfix live event

In order to match the real mannequins on the stand, I'd been asked to use white make-up. Screwfix had requested two male mannequins so I teamed up with a living mannequin performer friend of mine... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 24th Sep 2017

From time to time, when I come across a shop that has a regular mannequin in its window, or preferably standing outside, I like to set myself a challenge, and see if I can replace that mannequi... read more

by mannequin man - Fri 24th Jun 2016

Employed by IKAR GB to create interest on their stand at Safety & Eealth Expo 2016

I had a great three days performing as fall arrest test dummy on the IKAR GB stand. IKAR use orange test dummies in their fall test demonstrations, and my plan was to look as much line the fall t... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 12th Jun 2016

Had a great day reprising the role of the Michael the Mechanical Waving Mannequin at the American Car Wash Highgate.

Michael, the real mannequin, who used to stand outside the Kings Cross branch in all weathers, had moved to the Highgate branch. He hasn't been there recently due to mechanical issues.

... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 3rd Apr 2016

On Wednesday I went down to the Essex Fire Museum again as the museum had organised some more family days during the Easter break. We'd concluded, from my previous visits, that the WWII section... read more

by mannequin man - Thu 13th Aug 2015

Family Fun day at the Essex Fire Museum

Today was one of the Essex fire museum's family fun days. I had arranged to meet the museum's coordinator at 09:00. I found the museum fairly easily. It's actually on the site of a working fire s... read more

by mannequin man - Thu 28th May 2015

Had a great day being a museum dummy at the Dive Museum Gosport

On the way to the museum I passed the car wash where I had performed previously as a mechanical a waving mannequin.

We'd decided on two costumes, one a traditional canvas diving suit and ... read more

by mannequin man - Sun 3rd May 2015

Reprising my role as the Machine mart mannequin again, lots of fun was had with the London Marathon spectators

I managed to convince some kids that I was a remote controlled robot, as well as some passers-by of the window. Somebody even joined me in the window to have their picture taken with the "robot"and ... read more

by mannequin man - Sat 15th Nov 2014

Spent day in character again as Dickie Mackay, the Mackay's Dickies clothing mannequin and performed for Children in Need

It never fails to surprise me how famous the mannequin is that stands stoically, through rain and shine, outside the Mackay's store.

Dickie the mannequin is notorious in Cambridge, and h... read more

by mannequin man - Wed 15th Oct 2014

Behind the scenes of the role reprisal of the Dickie Mackay mannequin for an open day at Mackays of Cambridge.

Had a great day at the Mackays open day, very tiring but very enjoyable.
Arrived early to beat the Cambridge rush-hour traffic and got made-up.

I spent most of the day at the bac... read more

by mannequin man - Sat 20th Sep 2014

Amazing response to the YouTube video, 24K views and still rising