Mannequin Man the living mannequin - characters available to hire

Do you need to let customers know that your business is open after Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed, then hire mannequin man as a mechanical waving mannequin in your window or shop.

As a mechanical waving mannequin mannequin man can attract passers-by through waving or performing mechanical actions just like a sophisticated automaton.

Mannequin man can blend in with other mannequins or just stand alone. Wearing or demonstrating your products, mannequin man will appear at first glance to be a standard mannequin just like any other, but then he will move suddenly, or unexpectedly say "Good morning", leaving a lasting impression in everyone's mind.

Mannequin man has over 25 years as a living mannequin and human dummy, with a vast amount of experience at trade shows and shop open days. Mannequin man's appearance can also tailored to suit your requirements, whether it's to blend in with 18 other actual lifelike mannequins or two orange fall arrest dummies.

Mannequin-man is available for hire at trade exhibitions, shop events, safety events, open days, training, weddings, parties, museums, TV and film work.

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