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mannequin man - published 30/11/-0001 (updated 24/10/2018)

Day of the shoot

Day of the shoot

Travelling goes without a hitch and I arrive exactly at 8:00am. After meeting with the director and the cameraman, I go off to the disabled toilet (the performer's default de facto dressing room) to get ready.

It takes about an hour to layer on the latex make-up, which goes on without any problems. There is no power socket for a dryer so I just have to be patient and let the latex dry naturally. Once this done, its just a matter of changing into the costume. I had decided not to use my cloth gloves but bring along my matching flesh latex gloves which is just what the director wanted. I also carry a number of spare stickers with me, as they tend to come off the costume with wear.

After walking through the office to the usually strange looks, I complete the transformation with the new neck piece and red cap. Then we make are way around the corner to the clients premises, where the video is to be shot; again, I get some strange looks, but I'm quite used to it my now.

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