Behind The Scenes With The Living Mannequins Screwfix Live 2017

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 Behind The Scenes With The Living Mannequins Screwfix Live 2017

mannequin man - published 10/12/2017 (updated 24/10/2018)

Living mannequins hired for Screwfix live event

In order to match the real mannequins on the stand, I'd been asked to use white make-up. Screwfix had requested two male mannequins so I teamed up with a living mannequin performer friend of mine, Denis.

These days I prefer to use liquid latex in order to get the most realistic mannequin effect. One disadvantage with using white latex is that it requires many more coats to achieve a strong white colour covering. Denis had opted to shave his head, (that's dedication) so his latex make-up took longer to apply, whereas I had already made a white latex wig, which made my make-up application slightly quicker.

The event ran over three days and had many thousands of visitors, with a huge footfall past the stand we were on. We each stood on a different corner of the stand. The reactions were amazing, and many selfies with the living mannequins were taken.

See event pictures Screwfix Live2017 Farnborough - Live Mannequins on Site work wear stand

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