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 World Statues competition update

mannequin man - published 30/11/-0001 (updated 24/10/2018)

Flying out to the World Statues competition in Arnhem

I had managed to get book a flight from City airport to Rotterdam, which is ultra convenient for me; and then the world statues had arranged a taxi to pick me up and drive me to Arnhem. It was a bight sunny morning as I left London; City airport was quite busy with weekend trippers.

I boarded the plane and an hour later I was in Rotterdam airport. I had expected to be met by the taxi driver, but there was no one there. Rotterdam is a small airport like London City, so quick to get through, but its not well connected to a transport infrastructure; there are buses and the odd taxi but no railway station.

I decided to try and ring the driver, as I always make sure I have a contact numbers in case of delayed flights etc. For some reason my phone would not register with the available networks, and it took about half an hour until it finally connected, and at that moment I received and SMS saying the driver was here.

Well the journey to Arnhem was pleasant, but just as we arrived the heavens opened and a taste of what the weekend was going to be like was revealed. I enquired with the driver, and apparently it had been raining constantly for the past week; this didn't bode well for the contest.

The hotel seemed nice and modern; there was evidence that there were other living statues in the hotel from pieces of statue costume stored in the entrance lobby. I checked in and made my way up to my room.

It had stopped raining so I thought I'd check out the area, have some lunch, and find out where we were suppose to meet tomorrow. I had may with me, and I headed out

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