Tricky TV Wicked Wind-up Life Saver - Part 1

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 Tricky TV Wicked Wind-up Life Saver - Part 1

mannequin man - published 30/11/-0001 (updated 24/10/2018)

Approached by the Foundation at Maidstone Studios to be a CPR dummy for a Tricky TV Wicked Wind-up prank.

They had seen my CPR dummy character on my website and wanted to use it in a prank for Tricky TV. The filming would take place in the Chequers Mall shopping centre in Maidstone.

The idea was that members of the public would be asked if they wanted some CPR training, and led to a tent in the centre of shopping centre. After listening to a brief instructional talk, they would be asked to clasp then hands above the CPR dummy's chest.... that would be my cue to come alive.

The link to the CITV site is Tricky TV

The show is due to be broadcast on the CITV channel in October 2010

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