Reprising the role of the Dickie Mackay mannequin

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 Reprising the role of the Dickie Mackay mannequin

mannequin man - published 15/11/2014 (updated 11/06/2022)

Behind the scenes of the role reprisal of the Dickie Mackay mannequin for an open day at Mackays of Cambridge.

Had a great day at the Mackays open day, very tiring but very enjoyable.
Arrived early to beat the Cambridge rush-hour traffic and got made-up.

I spent most of the day at the back entrance, surprising people as they came into the shop from the car park with surprises prizes. Later on in the day I met and was interview by Terry Gauci from Cambridge Star Radio, who was following the Apprentice show format, and had to build a scaffold tower to keep his "job", needless to say, he got fired.

Later on we filmed a dance piece with Naomi from that will hopefully be shown on Children in need, (didn't know I could waltz). Then I got to build the scaffold platform tower myself, video to follow.

See event pictures Dickie Mackay the mannequin at Mackays open day

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