American Car Wash Waving Dummy #2

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 American Car Wash Waving Dummy #2

mannequin man - published 15/10/2011 (updated 02/07/2023)

American Car Wash Waving Dummy #2

American Car Wash Waving Dummy #2

Just got back from spending a great day as the waving mannequin outside the American Car wash in Highgate N6 4HX. Spent the whole day waving at passing motorists.

I'm still amazed at how many people will wave back at what they believe to be an inanimate object, even if it is waving at them. Also had some great reactions when I waved back in a more human like way or twisted round as they passed, keeping my eyes on them. Had a few hi fives from the guys; a few of which were very shocked when I moved to catch their hand.

Even saw Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) drive past.

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