My Three Days As An IKAR Orange Fall Arrest Test Dummy at Safety & Eealth Expo 2016

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 My Three Days As An IKAR Orange Fall Arrest Test Dummy at Safety & Eealth Expo 2016

mannequin man - published 24/06/2016 (updated 24/10/2018)

Employed by IKAR GB to create interest on their stand at Safety & Eealth Expo 2016

I had a great three days performing as fall arrest test dummy on the IKAR GB stand. IKAR use orange test dummies in their fall test demonstrations, and I my plan was to look as much line the fall test dummies as possible using latex prosthetic make-up.

I'd spent a few weeks before the exhibition developing the make-up, trying to get a good colour match and making an orange latex bald wig and gloves to complete the dummy look; but you never know with new make-up effects, especially if you are matching other mannequins or dummies, what is going actually going to work on the day, so past experience has taught me, is to always bring a few make-up options.

I'd found that the orange latex that I had sourced needed lots of layers to get a good orange effect. After a few colour tests, I used a combination of white and orange liquid latex, Kryolan orange pan stick and Kryolan aquacolour. The aquacolour turned out to be the best match to the dummies, after applying the the base layer if latex, I then applied a layer of the orange liquid latex to get the right plastic shiny dummy effect.

See event pictures Orange Fall Arrest Test Dummy on the IKAR GB stand at the Safety Health Expo

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