My day as a mannequin at the army flying museum

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 My day as a mannequin at the army flying museum

mannequin man - published 12/04/2019 (updated 19/07/2019)

Mannequin man at the Army Flying Museum surprising the visitors as an helicopter pilot mannequin for the museum's reopening

Performing in a museum with aircraft has been something that I've wanted to do for some time, well actually since a child, ever since a trip to the Science Museum in London. To a young child with an intense interest in science, the Science Museum was a treasure trove of enlightening experiences. I was fascinated by all of the interactive exhibits, at lot of which unfortunately were not functioning at the time, but the ones that were working were compelling to a young child. One of my strongest memories was a model of a cow that you could see inside as it was milked.

Another strong memory was an exhibit that was just the front cockpit section of plane. It was at ground level and there was a raised platform that allowed you to look into the cockpit. Sitting in the cockpit was a dummy dressed in a pressure suit and helmet; at that moment I thought how great it would be to take the dummy's place, remaining perfectly still, then moving to scare the other visitors, so when I got the opportunity to perform as a living mannequin at the Army Flying Museum after it's refurbishment, I jumped at the chance.

The Army Flying Museum has quite a few mannequins either sitting in the aircraft or standing by them; this allowed me to move around the museum and find the optimum spots.  The best position I found was sitting in a Westland Scout helicopter. The Scout was accessible to the public and they were encouraged to sit inside where they would find a mannequin, me, sitting motionless in the pilot seat. After a while I would say hello or just turn my head. I would sometimes then move my head back robotically and pretend to be an animatronic figure, occasionally moving my head again.

This worked really well and got great reactions from everyone involved.

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