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 American Car Wash Waving Dummy

mannequin man - published 30/11/-0001 (updated 24/10/2018)

American Car Wash Waving Dummy

In my continuing quest to develop my latest character, the automated waving mannequin, I tracked down a few pictures on the internet of one that was outside the American Car Wash in Kings Cross

Their waving mannequin was supplied by ADM ( -

After speaking to the American Car Wash, I found out that their mannequin "Michael", after many years of waving the public in to the car wash, was in need of some new clothing and a bit of a service.

So to cut a long story short, I've arrange to go along to the Highgate branch for the day, and act as their waving dummy while "Michael" has a bit of a well earned rest.

See event pictures American Car Wash Waving Dummy

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