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by - 08/05/2015

Mannequin man is a professional living mannequin/statue performer with over 25 years of performing experience in all types of venues and mediums. Mannequin man has a wealth of experience working in exhibition spaces and is adept at amusing, attracting, and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. He can stand alone or blend in with other real mannequins.

Mannequin man has appeared on TV on SMArt, Tricky TV, Bid TV and more recently on Louie Spence's Show Business (LSSB), where he appeared 'unusually' as himself with a rare interview, which got picked up by Harry Hill's TV burp.

The Louie Spence's Show Business TV show followed mannequin man at a couple of events, Hillhead, the international Quarrying - Construction - Recycling show in Buxton, and to Arnhem in the Netherlands, to take part in the World Living Statues Competition.

He also recently appeared onĀ  ITV2's sketch show Glitchy.

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