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by - 08/05/2015

Mannequin man is a professional living mannequin/statue performer with over 25 years of performing experience in all types of venues and mediums. Mannequin man has a wealth of experience working in exhibition spaces and is adept at amusing, attracting, and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. He can stand alone or blend in with other real mannequins.

Mannequin man has appeared on TV on SMArt, Tricky TV>, Bid TV> and more recently on Louie Spence's Show Business (LSSB), where he appeared 'unusually' as himself with a rare interview, which got picked up by Harry Hill's TV burp.

The Louie Spence's Show Business TV show followed mannequin man at a couple of events, Hillhead, the international Quarrying - Construction - Recycling show in Buxton, and to Arnhem in the Netherlands, to take part in the World Living Statues Competition.

He has also appeared as 'Terry' on ITV2's sketch show Glitchy> (Link to (video))

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