Human Crash Test Dummy at Horsham Motorshow

Aritcle Motors Today about the Living Crash Test Dummy at the Horsham Motorshow surprising visitors on the Hapstead Volvo stand

by - 18/06/2005
Mannequin-man as Crash Test Dummy at Horsham Motor Show

"It was definitely the busiest event so far, there's no question about it. The dealers were delighted with the show and more than 25 cars were sold over the weekend."

She added: "It was good, everyone was happy and that's all that matters - everyone's looking forward to 2005 now! "There was plenty to keep everyone entertained including bungee running, go-karts and a crash test 'dummy' - which turned out to be a real person.

Children ran past West Sussex County Council road safety team's speed check lo see how fast they were. There was also a chance to win a Mini at a stand which raised 1,015 for the Chase children's hospice in Guildford.