The Free Mannequin Replacement Project

A challenge project to substitute mannequins in shops and stores around the country for a day

by - 19/09/2019

I've been performing as a living mannequin for over 25 years. Over this period I’ve been asked to become many different types and colours of mannequins and dummies, which in-turn has lead me to develop different make-up solutions.

This has required much research on various mannequin forms over the years and latterly, much of this has been on the internet. This research has revealed a community of mannequins standing in or outside shops or in museums.

I have developed a project, as a challenge, where I will go in for a day and replace the existing mannequin, matching the make-up as closely as I can, and see if anyone notices.

If you have a mannequin in your shop or know of one, please let me know, and I’ll arrange to come for a day to replace the mannequin for free.

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