Driver pranked when he finds mannequin sitting in lorry cab

Life as a Hire Shop Mannequin #5 - A shock in the cab

by - 04/05/2015

Once, they got me to sit in the cab of a driver who was delivering some equipment to the shop.

The driver had seen me in the shop and thought I was just a mannequin. The staff then distracted him with some pretence, and I hopped into the cab, sitting on the passenger side. It was a really hot sunny day, and with the doors and windows of the cab closed, I had started to feel the heat, and began sweating, causing my my make-up to start running slightly, which I hoped wouldn't be noticed

About ten minutes later, after the driver had completed the loading of the lorry, he walks over to the front of the lorry and opens the cab door. The staff were all hanging around at this point, waiting to see what would happen, but so as not to raise suspicion i.e. why was everyone oddly hanging around outside, they were all pretending to clean-up the yard.

The driver hops into the cab and after he sees me he starts laughing, and shouts to them, "What I am I supposed to do with this?". He was just about to reach over to prod me, when I turned round quickly and I grabbed his arm. I've never seen anyone move so fast. In a moment he was out of the cab, with the door slamming behind him, and on the ground, to the complete amusement of the staff, who were all ripping their sides with laughter.

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