Care and Maintenance of the Danny CPR MKII Training Dummy/Manakin

The following instructions will inform you on how best to maintain and store your "danny" cpr resuscitation mannequin/manikin dummy when not in use.

by - 10/05/2015
Danny cpr mk2 dummy care and maintenance instructions:-
  • Always make sure that the cpr dummy is well cleaned before storage, using an alcohol wipe all over the face, other areas can be wiped down with a light detergent.
  • Periodically, or if the cpr dummy is being stored for more than a couple of weeks, the dummy's airway should be dismantled and thoroughly disinfected.
  • Prior to packing the cpr dummy away, it should be inspected for any damage that may have occurred, e.g. that the silicon skin has not become damaged, the limbs have not become lose and that the clothing has not been torn or damaged.
  • If the cpr dummy has become wet, it should be allowed to dry fully before it is stored.
  • Always check danny cpr's battery compartment for any cell leakage, and fully remove the batteries if the cpr dummy is being stored for more than a couple of weeks.
  • The cpr dummy should be placed in its original storage bag. Please make sure that all the limbs are fully extended. Use the velcro straps to keep the legs and arms together.
  • Store the cpr dummy level on a shelf in a well ventilated room. The storage bag should be fully zipped up to keep out any dirt and dust.
  • Always follow safe handling advice when storing danny cpr. We advise that two people should be involved when lifting danny cpr.

See below for examples of how to clean the cpr mannequin that will  extend it's working life

After each use, the dummy's face should be wiped over with a sterile alcohol based wipe

If the cpr mannequin/manikin is contaminated it should be wiped down with a light detergent

cpr manikin
If the coverall gets soiled during the cpr mannequin's use, the coverall should be removed, and can be laundered with a normal 40 degree wash

The manikin should be stored in a dry well ventilated area, preferably flat on a shelf, using its original storage bag. Remove the batteries if not being used for a long period

Video of mannequin's face being wiped with a sterile alcohol based wipe after training session with students

Training with danny cpr

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