Focus on first aid resuscitation edition 4 - Follow up article on the review of Danny CPR Training Dummy / Manikin

Resuscitation review of Danny CPR Training Dummy / Manikin in Focus on first aid edition 4

by - 01/08/2007

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In the last issue we reviewed danny cpr as part of our ongoing user resuscitation evaluations. In this issue we reveal the truth behind danny cpr, and speak to the creator.

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focus on first aid logo3.jpg (46658 bytes)focus on first aid logo5.jpg (7653 bytes)focus on first aid logo5.jpg (7653 bytes) The specification of danny cpr is impressive; the review claims the most realistic resuscitation aid available, and for good reason, danny cpr is a real person, made-up to look like a resuscitation doll.

I asked the creator to explain how he became a living cpr dummy and the reasons behind it.
I have been working as a living statue/ mannequin performer since 1990, mainly concentrating in the safety arena. If you've ever visited a health and safety exhibition and had a stand mannequin suddenly move and scare the living daylights out of you, then that was probably me. Over the years I have added extra characters to my repertoire. I have always been excited by new challenges and whenever I come across a new dummy type character, I will spend hours perfecting the look, with the ultimate goal of being undetectable as a person.

And so it was that after doing a first-aid course and using a resuscitation doll for the first time, I decided that my next challenge was to be totally convincing as a cpr dummy. It was obvious that it was going to be the make-up that would be the key here, and the attention to detail was going to be vital if I were to succeed. I started experimented with various make-up colours; my earlier attempts looking quite pink, until I finally found some make-up of a convincing shade and texture. My next goal was to find a use for my character.

In the back of my mind, I remembered an incident while I was a stand mannequin at a safety show, a group of fire-fighters from the West Midlands fire service had walked past and commented that I looked just like the resuscitation dummy they had
been training with. So I wrote a letter to the West Midland Training Centre with the idea of offering myself as a training dummy.

Nick Perry, who was overseeing the Basic Life Training Course at the training centre, responded to my letter. His idea was to use me to supplement the resuscitation dummy and the live casualty that were currently being used in the training.
The scenario: Student enters room, after being told by an examiner that they will find a casualty. The student then sees what appears to be a cpr dummy lying on the floor in the centre of the room. At this point one of two things may happen, they follow their training and check for breathing or they make an assumption and attempt to give emergency breaths. If the latter happens, the examiner will stop them and ask them to assess the casualty for breathing again. The point of the scenario is to drive home the importance of the training and not to jump to assumptions.

After a few years experience of being danny cpr, it has become a unique training tool, as I am to be able to give feedback to students afterwards, who mostly have no idea that I'm not a dummy.

If you would like to use Danny CPR, he can be contacted at:
and his website:

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