Focus on first aid resuscitation edition 3 - Review of Danny CPR Training Dummy / Manikin

Resuscitation review of Danny CPR Training Dummy / Manikin in Focus on first aid edition 3

by - 01/05/2007

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Questions: 1. What Make of resuscitation aid do you use?, 2. What made you purchase this particular aid?, 3. Do you think it is good value?, 4. What do you think is the life expectancy?, 5. How easy is it to keep clean?, 6. Roughly what is the . weight?, 7. Are there additional expenses (lungs etc)?, 8. What would you say is the strength of this aid?, 9. What would you is a weakness of this aid

Resuscitation Aids are something all trainers use and need to purchase. We have asked trainers to tell us about various manikins and why they have chosen them. The Following are the views of the trainers

  1. Danny CPR Mk II which I have now had the use of for over 6 months.
  2. The manufacturer offered me a Danny, unit to evaluate,
  3. Price has not yet been set, but I. (I would expect to be in accordance with the unit's high quality and function. This will not be a cheap training aid, but excellent value!
  4. I expect it to last at least as long as I do, although gross handling will shorten the useful life span.
  5. Very easy to keep clean, with very little maintenance, some periodic lubrication is required
  6. 85 Kg - distributed to human body proportions, representing a 6 foot male,
  7. No, comes complete with coverall, boots, practice mat and bag.
  8. Extremely life like in function, weight and feel. This is the ultimate, full sized, realistic training aid. Danny's features include very accurate human anatomy, realistic joint movement and weight. Multiple pulse points with accurate breathing and rib cage motion. (Optional)
  9. In use, I have discovered no major weaknesses. Danny's accurate weight may seem to be a disadvantage but he can be easily moved using the 'Marche' system. The only other issue is that unfortunately you can't buy Danny, due to the limited production run, although he is Available for hire.

Follow up article in Edition 4 of focus on first aid

  1. CPR Prompt bag of 5 manikins. I chose blue as it is a-racial, they are quite eye-catching also. I bought a pack of 5 in a shoulder bag
  2. Cost, and I liked the idea of '1 manikin per student'. You could let the students take one home to practise
    on. They are also very light to carry. Also virtually no infection risk. The manikins are changeable between adult and child by a button
  3. Excellent
  4. About 2 Years
  5. Very no wipes needed
    You just change the lung and mouth bags between each student, and with 1 manikin per student you only need to change it at
    the end of each course. You don't need wipes. You can even put the heads on the dishwasher!
  6. Very light (3.6lb) the bag of 5 is about the same as 1 little anne. Excellent for travel and they all pack in 1 shoulder bag.
  7. Lungs are pence - same cost as wipes
  8. Cost, lightweight, acts as adult and child, infection risk is low. Chest compressions are very similar to real life.
  9. They look like aliens, they take time to assemble, the airways are not very realistic, can't pinch the nose. We had a supply problem and had to call on a friend to assist us with annies, they are from the USA but supplied by 2 companies in the UK. They just didn't have any in the UK.

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